Email 19

The first attempt to comfort that most people offer is the word that Alex

is now with God. People are telling us that today, the first day we all are

together in Jacksonville.



They say Alex is “in a better place.”



It’s not that I don’t believe that, but that it is so irrelevant to me at the

moment. I want my boy, not God. I want to get to him. I can’t accept

any middle-man between myself and him, because I need to comfort

him, tell him it will be alright, hold him and say have no regrets about

this, move on with confidence Alex, wherever you are, with your chin

up, your sights straight ahead, and take it one day at a time, with your

spirits up.



But everyone else just wants to bring God into the equation, before you

are ready for God. Even as one who believes in God, I have no interest in

talking to him right now. I’m looking for Alex, not God.

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